Each and every one of us has a unique and amazing story to tell. Below you you’ll find incredible stories of strength, perseverance and recovery.

I Wish I Would Have Reached Out Sooner…

I always planned to move after high school and attend a college a few hours away, until graduation came I decided this only child was too afraid to move away from mom and dad. I attended the local university for two years while dating my high school sweetheart. I found myself tired all the time, taking naps in between classes, skipping out on an occasional class.

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I Had Nowhere To Go, No Friends, or Family for Support…

I spent many years battling addiction. I started at a very young age drinking homemade wine and beer. By the time I hit my teens, I was drinking every day. Eventually, that lead to marijuana and then to cocaine and eventually I wound up addicted to crack cocaine.

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