Crisis Response Network is supporting the Arizona?s Child Protective Services through collaborating with other agencies to assist in reducing the overall number of placement disruptions for children in CPS custody. (A placement disruption is the need to remove a child from one foster home and find another).

Minimizing the number of placement disruptions is critical to a foster child?s ongoing development and overall outcome of success.

Crisis Response Network staff, in collaboration with staff from TERROS and EMPACT, have created innovative presentations for both foster care licensing agencies and foster parents.

By looking at foster care through the eyes of the child, lessons help adults gain a stronger understanding of the behaviors, actions and unique underlying needs of these vulnerable children.

Participants receive information about the process and services that are used to assess the child?s behaviors and developmental needs when a child is brought into foster care. There is a preventative focus to identify ?red flag? behaviors, learn de-escalation strategies and create awareness about the resources that are specifically designed to prevent disruptions.

Services are also available to assist children that are experiencing crisis within their placements. These services provide short-term individualized services for both the child and foster parent to stabilize a situation when necessary.

Trainings and educational workshops were implemented in January 2012. More than 150 licensing workers, CPS workers and foster parents received training during the first month of the program.

Over time, Crisis Response Network will transition responsibility for trainings to the licensing agencies so they can continue to educate their staff and foster parents to prevent placement disruptions.

For more information, contact Patti Ritchie-Williams at 602-427-4604.