If you need support in light of recent events, please call: 1-800-203-CARE (2273).

Each and every one of us has a unique and amazing story to tell. Below you you’ll find incredible stories of strength, perseverance and recovery.

“They are there 24 hours a day, seven days a week for the community.”

In commemoration of Crisis Response Network’s 10th Anniversary, Gloria Abril shared her story.

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I consider them the number I call before 9-1-1.

In 2009, I was facing a nine-millimeter. On the other end of that gun was my son. He was diagnosed with bipolar disorder and wasn’t doing well. He told me, “You need to leave and be gone!” I contacted Crisis Response Network; I knew from experience that they would assist me with a safe solution. I was terrified of what may escalate if police were involved. I was unable to explain the situation I was in. The Crisis Specialist reviewed past records associated with my phone number and asked me yes or no questions to determine the risk and reason for the call. I informed the Crisis Specialist that my son was upset and wanted me to leave. The Specialist asked to speak with my son to arrange plans to “take me away.” Due to this phrasing, my son was willing to speak with the Crisis Specialist.

Crisis Response Network is like the National Guard, they mobilize immediately, they do not say “let me go pull his file” or ‘I’m not sure how to help.”

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I Wish I Would Have Reached Out Sooner…

I always planned to move after high school and attend a college a few hours away, until graduation came I decided this only child was too afraid to move away from mom and dad. I attended the local university for two years while dating my high school sweetheart. I found myself tired all the time, taking naps in between classes, skipping out on an occasional class.

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I Had Nowhere To Go, No Friends, or Family for Support…

I spent many years battling addiction. I started at a very young age drinking homemade wine and beer. By the time I hit my teens, I was drinking every day. Eventually, that led to marijuana and then to cocaine and eventually I wound up addicted to crack cocaine.

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